The Bonus Cut: Daniel Negreanu Explains –

The Bonus Cut: Daniel Negreanu Explains –
décembre 05 13:29 2013 Print This Article

Watch the full hand here: Day 2 of the EPT 9 Mon…

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  1. Lui V
    décembre 05, 13:35 #1 Lui V

    Everyone knows this, probably even the guy U corrected lol

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  2. skillfuldabest
    décembre 05, 13:46 #2 skillfuldabest

    Raising YOU TEE GEE…lol

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  3. Rolands Vitols
    décembre 05, 13:46 #3 Rolands Vitols

    It’s UTG..

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  4. jwdg96
    décembre 05, 13:53 #4 jwdg96

    he could have made a value bet at the end, if the opponent would have fold
    he would have had the exact same as he has now, if he calls he has more. i
    think im smart but he is a pro player lol, not gonna argue with him haha

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  5. materiauser
    décembre 05, 13:53 #5 materiauser

    mmm but if he folds the river he doesn’t get to see your hand. I’d bet the
    river and let him fold.

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  6. Boyan Stanchev
    décembre 05, 13:53 #6 Boyan Stanchev

    i expected K8

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  7. Janos Molnar
    décembre 05, 13:54 #7 Janos Molnar

    Hehe milk them noobs danny

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  8. Resnovae Poker
    décembre 05, 13:58 #8 Resnovae Poker

    Nice hand, well played by both players, excellent read by D

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  9. skillfuldabest
    décembre 05, 13:59 #9 skillfuldabest

    umm i think i know that. I found out yesterday that i have played over 9
    mirron hands on PS 😛

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  10. JDLupus
    décembre 05, 13:59 #10 JDLupus

    Nice thumbnail, Daniel 🙂

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  11. Zeno1999
    décembre 05, 14:01 #11 Zeno1999

    Poor novice got milked by his own bluffs 🙂 Daniel is the master Pokerstar !

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  12. peeledfish
    décembre 05, 14:09 #12 peeledfish

    david vamplew has over 2 million in live cashes and 1.5 million online.
    hardly a « noob ». also he had QQ in this hand, he was value betting the
    river, not bluffing

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  13. Diavolo222
    décembre 05, 14:12 #13 Diavolo222

    That was a very nice hand Daniel 😀

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  14. kieren james
    décembre 05, 14:22 #14 kieren james

    thanks for the video.

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  15. materiauser
    décembre 05, 14:23 #15 materiauser

    It would be an easy decision actually, if he does raise then it’s almost
    guaranteed that he has it – easy fold.

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  16. RizzenEsc
    décembre 05, 14:24 #16 RizzenEsc

    Epic thumbnail, you can bet if Daniel acts like a clown he has no respect
    for anyone at the table. When that happens he talks, talks talks…and

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  17. Jeroewntje
    décembre 05, 14:25 #17 Jeroewntje

    but what if he did have a full house and shove all in then you’re left with
    a pretty hard decision. and also daniel negreanu doesnt say this alot but
    he rather plays small pots than big ones for safety and durability

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