EPT9 Monte Carlo – Main Event, Episode 8 – PokerStars.com (HD)

EPT9 Monte Carlo – Main Event, Episode 8 – PokerStars.com (HD)
décembre 05 13:29 2013 Print This Article

It’s the greatest final table line-up poker has ever seen: Cody, Mercier, Pantling, Levy, O’Dwyer, Negreanu, Schwartz and Lodden. Eight…

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Je suis Chef de projet Webmarketing mais aussi blogueur, éditeur de contenus numériques, passionné par le Poker, Globe trotteur dans l'âme

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  1. sonnydominicana
    décembre 05, 13:30 #1 sonnydominicana

    12:43 I really dont like Mercier

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  2. davalex29
    décembre 05, 13:31 #2 davalex29

    What a bad beat.

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  3. Jônatan Paz
    décembre 05, 13:36 #3 Jônatan Paz

    Great final hand

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  4. MississaugaDefender
    décembre 05, 13:41 #4 MississaugaDefender

    He’s hilarious lol

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  5. Pokerstars
    décembre 05, 13:46 #5 Pokerstars

    Right here on our channel 🙂

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  6. oleHABSole
    décembre 05, 13:46 #6 oleHABSole

    So both Canadians get screwed.

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  7. Stoyan Ognyanov
    décembre 05, 13:48 #7 Stoyan Ognyanov

    OMG I can’t believe this donk won. Pantling played very well whole
    tournament gg.

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  8. LightBoxDays
    décembre 05, 13:52 #8 LightBoxDays

    I dont usually say things like this but COME ON THE IRISH =D

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  9. Dave Ingram
    décembre 05, 13:56 #9 Dave Ingram

    Very interesting final table. For once the comments are enabled; why do you
    disable comments :O

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  10. Lukas Adamsson
    décembre 05, 14:02 #10 Lukas Adamsson

    poker is brutal

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  11. PokerStars
    décembre 05, 14:07 #11 PokerStars

    Comments are typically disabled due to spam/abuse/libel – with the new
    comment system, things should be cleaner and hopefully comments can be left
    on permanently :)

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  12. wc123
    décembre 05, 14:08 #12 wc123

    He’s got seth rogan on his rail? Sick.

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  13. James Gilliam
    décembre 05, 14:09 #13 James Gilliam

    When you are in the zone, you are in the zone!!! Now you lost!!!

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  14. Filippirgos
    décembre 05, 14:10 #14 Filippirgos

    5:14 was that Elisabeth Hille who had deep run at WSOP ME 2012 ?

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  15. Pokerstars
    décembre 05, 14:13 #15 Pokerstars

    Thanks, I’m glad you like it 🙂

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  16. Chris Harrison
    décembre 05, 14:15 #16 Chris Harrison

    Trying to kill Neo on that highway!! BRILLIANT!

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  17. mindfreaak1111
    décembre 05, 14:17 #17 mindfreaak1111

    Dream table

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  18. speebyda
    décembre 05, 14:18 #18 speebyda

    Check the comment of @Stoyan Ognyanov below, they usually stop the comments
    because of the flame wars between the armchair experts and keyboard
    warriors like this guy. Calling Steve O’Dwyer a donk? Really?!

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  19. baixaki349
    décembre 05, 14:25 #19 baixaki349

    Wow! Steve look so exited I’ve never seen someone so exited for winning.

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  20. aminosama2
    décembre 05, 14:27 #20 aminosama2

    i know it’s a long run, but are any of these songs available for purchase?
    also keep up the awesome work!

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