Incredible Rafa Nadal trick shot on PokerStars shoot

Incredible Rafa Nadal trick shot on PokerStars shoot
décembre 05 13:29 2013 Print This Article

Rafa hits an awesome poker hand and scares the living daylights out of Tomeu.

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  1. Chron1x
    décembre 05, 13:37 #1 Chron1x

    nadal could do it after some attempts for sure, but this is just faked
    which is ok i guess

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  2. pietro98fc
    décembre 05, 13:40 #2 pietro98fc


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  3. Craft2299
    décembre 05, 13:44 #3 Craft2299

    Did this video just encouraged us to hit 5 of our best friends?

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  4. Globox822
    décembre 05, 13:45 #4 Globox822

    gay, just like one with fed

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  5. VisitorGuardoSolo
    décembre 05, 13:50 #5 VisitorGuardoSolo

    Guys i don’t understand why fake and gay…

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  6. Mortem Glacies
    décembre 05, 13:51 #6 Mortem Glacies

    giga gay

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  7. udontknowmypw
    décembre 05, 13:51 #7 udontknowmypw

    Seems legit.

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  8. Zharkan16
    décembre 05, 13:54 #8 Zharkan16

    fake and gay

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  9. EZIO__2000
    décembre 05, 13:54 #9 EZIO__2000

    no fake, a real pro hits a spot from like 7 metres distance.

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  10. kiz ach
    décembre 05, 13:57 #10 kiz ach


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  11. barrioXVIII
    décembre 05, 13:58 #11 barrioXVIII

    What in phhhhhhhh… What in the world is going on here?!? I mean did
    you see what this idiot just did? He probably wont even make top 200 in
    the tournamet. Where do they even get these players from. Mighty fine
    dealing there mighty fine, you know I havent even won a pot one time and
    this idiot player from europe felt compeled to blow off his money with a
    bluff I mean it’s just so sick. Alright, nice bet kid nice bet…. 

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  12. Tisi BanGzIn
    décembre 05, 13:58 #12 Tisi BanGzIn


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  13. Cian Cotter
    décembre 05, 13:58 #13 Cian Cotter

    i think all sam otero fans came here for a reason

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  14. Thors Hammer
    décembre 05, 14:03 #14 Thors Hammer

    fake and gay

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  15. 888167
    décembre 05, 14:17 #16 888167

    BS :D

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  16. HNBDGR
    décembre 05, 14:17 #17 HNBDGR

    Sad Time

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  17. hasan95210
    décembre 05, 14:18 #18 hasan95210

    FAKE Reason : A Card don’t make this sound when he got hit :D

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  18. pietro98fc
    décembre 05, 14:21 #19 pietro98fc

    Only Roger can do it

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